Getting Started

The key to a successful giving circle is active participation and shared commitment to group-based giving. This requires openness to meaningful learning opportunities, a willingness to share experiences and new ideas and the ability to collaborate with a diverse group of people, usually women.

There is no set formula for starting and operating a giving circle. Some people may want to adopt a casual and low key approach with the view to just getting going. Others may prefer to be more structured, with detailed research and planning. However, no matter which path you choose, there are a number of critical factors that are useful to think about as you set the circle up.

The following ‘helpful hints’ have been developed to assist circle founders and members on their journey. Please click on an item below to view more information.

    1. Finding Members
    2. Purpose and Structure
    3. Goals and Commitment
    4. Managing Pooled Funds
    5. Investment Focus Areas
    6. Ongoing Learning Program
    7. Investment Selection Criteria
    8. Researching Non-Profit Organisations
    9. Selecting Organisations and Investing Funds
    10. Evaluating Impact of the Giving Circle
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