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Business Brains Beyond the Classroom in Uganda

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    One Girl

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    81 139 793 623

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    Rural / Regional


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Project Information

  • Project Commencement Date:
  • 01 Nov 2016
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  • What issues are addressed?:
  • Ugandan girls are facing significant gender, health, sociocultural, and economic barriers in achieving their full potential as economic actors as a result of substandard access to education and a high risk of being subjected to sexual and gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, child marriage or forced prostitution. This situation is further exacerbated by high rates of youth crime, trafficking and narcotics; particularly in rural regions where access to training is severely limited.

    In approaching this problem, Business Brains Uganda provides vulnerable young women in rural Uganda with safe, girl-friendly spaces that offer critical and holistic training, mentoring and support across the areas of gender and rights, critical thinking, leadership skills, financial and business development/planning, and sexual health education. Through this, girls are empowered to transcend traditional pathways and become effective agents of change.
  • Project Description:
  • To enable young women to capitalise upon new opportunities in areas such as climate technology and green agri-business, funding support is sought to strengthen the Business Brains program through the following activities:

    - A rural and urban gender analysis towards a program cognizant of local needs.

    - Market, skills and enterprise mapping to inform targeted vocational training.

    - Strengthening of peer clubs enabling peer-to-peer support in safe spaces.

    - Continued provision of coaching, mentoring and training in business, financial, and life skills towards promoting critical thinking, leadership, and self-determination skills.

    - Mentorship and follow-up support post-training to capitalise upon employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

    - Establishment of a loans and savings scheme to help kick start business ideas.

    - Towards improving wellbeing: sexual and reproductive health, menstrual hygiene management, and sexual and gender-based violence prevention training.
  • Alleviating suffering / disadvantage?:
  • Business Brains predominantly targets girls and young women aged 14-25 in rural Uganda who have been unable to complete school and seek an alternative educational pathway. Given high incidences of child marriage and pregnancy, sexual and gender-based discrimination and violence, and youth unemployment rates in rural Uganda, the proposed project will provide the knowledge and skills needed to overcome these barriers and risks. Some projected results include:

    - Increased female employment and entrepreneurship in emerging industries.

    - Young women and girls demonstrate increased knowledge of sexual reproductive health and rights, and the agency to make decisions about their own bodies. In delivering Business Brains in Sierra Leone, One Girl experienced an 82% reduction in teen pregnancies in one community across three years.

    - Increased leadership capabilities of young women and girls, and an environment that supports this, leading to increased women’s empowerment and gender equality.
  • Changing Policy, Practices & Systems?:
  • Although the Ugandan government has recently made significant investments in education, training opportunities in rural regions are rare and where they do exist are inappropriate to emerging markets and do not prioritise the inclusion of girls. Through targeted vocational and entrepreneurial training, Business Brains will be empowering women and girls to capitalise upon emerging employment and entrepreneurship opportunities towards economic self-determination.

    Embedded patriarchal systems must be proactively challenged and modified towards achieving a society that recognises and encourages the value girls and women offer as leaders and independent economic actors. Through educating women and girls on their bodies, sexual and health rights, and providing training in practical, vocational and life skills which empower them to overcome barriers and educate those around them; patriarchal structures will begin to be dismantled through girl-led agency.
  • Investing in or empowering women?:
  • In its focus on the development of leadership and self-agency skills, Business Brains instils in participants the capacity to begin creating the change they seek in their communities and their futures. An example is the participants’ regular attendance at One Girl hosted community meetings - in doing so sharing with community leaders the unique issues they face as girls and thus seeding a community-led renegotiation of gendered structures. This has, in turn, built communities where girls are increasingly able to apply Business Brains skills towards pursuing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Through targeted vocational training and continued Business Brains delivery, girls will be able to further expand their capacity for economic self-determination. The key role played by female participants in the design, implementation and evaluation of Business Brains also results in a wholly girl-led program that meets their needs as defined by local sociocultural environments.
  • Media / Promotion?:
  • All One Girl's programs provide a platform for girl-lead advocacy and voice through activities such as local radio programs, the production of billboards, and any other way identified by girls that enables them to speak out about their needs and concerns. We also network with other organisations and governments to advocate for the rights of girls.

    One Girl operates a highly effective fundraising campaign – Do It In A Dress – where participants wear a school dress to do their everyday activities and/or a challenge. In drawing the attention of those around them and sharing why they are wearing the dress, participants are activating and promoting awareness around the integral role of education in transforming the lives of girls and young women in Africa.
  • How is success evaluated / measured?:
  • One Girl’s successful delivery of programs for the past ten years has resulted in an efficient monitoring framework with impact measurements from quantitative and qualitative data, focus group discussions, community meetings, interviews, and Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) testing. This will be carried out quarterly to assess each of the following program objectives:

    1. Young women and girls will be empowered with entrepreneurship, vocational and life skills that will enable socio-economic growth and sustainability.

    2. Young women and men will be equipped with knowledge and skills to make decisions regarding their bodies and become advocates for gender equality.

Contact Information

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    Louise Atkins

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    +61 449 039 133